Complete System Validation

Material sample testing alone cannot assure the ballistic or blast integrity of an armor system. Square One Armoring Services is one of the few armoring companies in the world that goes through an extensive and rigorous testing process of its complete armor system designs.

Ample testing is performed on all new platforms encompassing not only the ballistic and blast aspects of the design but also the vehicle’s performance after the added protection weight. Braking and acceleration testing is performed to ensure vehicle does not underperform its OEM capabilities. Road tests are performed to ensure functionality and comfort. Driving tests are performed at racing tracks to ensure maneuverability and handling. Life cycle tests are also performed to ensure all used components will perform as designed and expected by the customer.

Square One Armoring understands the critical nature of proper armor integration such as proper welding and fastening techniques and how each material reacts to different manufacturing techniques.

Initial Prototype Platforms are tested past their limits in order to properly address any deficiencies or weak areas in order to assure that they perform to the desired specifications.