12370 SW 130th St Miami, Florida 33186

(305) 477-1109

About Us


Mr. Francisco Javier Cardenal founded Square One Armoring Services with the idea of a principled yet practical analysis of what it took to properly integrate armor systems into commercial passenger vehicles.

In the late 80s and early 90s, it became apparent that much of the industry was no longer applying the proper focus on the engineering and science needed for safe and proper armor Integration.

Mr. Cardenal wanted to go back to the most basic principles of proper engineering, and so he saw the need to get back to Square One.

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  • Headquarters Located in Miami, FL, USA
  • 69,000+ Square Foot Manufacturing Facility
  • Fully Secured Access Control
  • 24 HR Monitoring
  • Secure Long Term Storage
  • Fully Equipped In-House Fabrication, Including:
    • State Of The Art CNC Laser Cutting
    • High Def CNC Plasma
    • CNC Presses & Milling
  • In House Certified Paint & Body Shop
  • Fully Staffed ASE Certified Electrical and Mechanical Departments
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